Who We Are
The Keeton Group is looking for motivated and hard-working people to join our group. Founded by Wes Keeton, The Keeton Group was created from a vision. Wes knew the company he always wanted to work for, but, couldn’t find it, thus, The Keeton Group was born. Group was included in the name because we exist for our advisers. We naturally navigate to a tribe and wanted to create a place that fosters those wanting to be in business for themselves but not by themselves.

What We Do
We offer our clients holistic financial planning while offering our advisers holistic tools to execute the job. We go through a unique process of selecting clients and taking them through to help meet their goals. We are here to offer our advisers goal achievement and accountability, well defined process oriented marketing system that is tailored to each individual adviser, and a team that feels more like family than anything. We are on the journey together and have a blast supporting one another.

What It's Like
We put our advisers in a position to continue moving upward through proper marketing and accountability all while having fun in a loving and supportive environment. The Keeton Group believes in money freedom, time freedom, and mental freedom! Our team has complete control of their income, their schedule, and being in a position able to constantly and consistently grow.

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